Who is PET.CORP?

We are two people (Ailadi & Pierre) obsessed with PETSCII, you can see some of the stuff we are doing on www.petcorp.org And no, we are not a company, neither a corporation.

I dont want a shirt. I want the music only.

Ordering the shirt is the only safe way to get the complete album music.

So to recap, you have two options:
① THE FULL SHIRBUM: It includes 23 songs and the tailor-made high quality C64-shirt.
② THE NAKED LIGHT VERSION on Bandcamp with 15 songs for download.

After I purchased the Shirbum what will happen?

You’ll receive an e-mail with a download link and code for the full album. Then you can listen to the album for a few weeks, and we will send you another e-mail when your shirt is shipped. You’ll get a tracking number to monitor the shirt moving from Hong Kong to your door. :-)

Why do i have to wait to receive my Shirbum ?

Once the orders are closed, we’ll start producing the shirts. It will be a mini-production, each shirt is unique, and made on order.
That's why it takes a bit of time.

How long do i have to wait to get my shirt delivered?

We estimate to start shipping at the end of March and it should take around 10 days.
So expect to receive it the 2nd/3rd week of April to be safe.

Is it a crowdfunding thing?

Most definitely maybe not really, no. This follows a strict normal Shirbum procedure.

I have another question i want to ask you!

Please write us: info@petcorp.org